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A solution to all your problems.

“Simple detailed, a new perspective of iOS.” - Noah Ridge

“I would recommend this theme to anyone with access to Cydia, it is just overall nicer than the OEM theme and the colors are just brilliant!” - Nick Everhart

“Very nice, outstanding actually..” - Holley Garner

Aqueous spends close attention to detail, within every aspect. So, why can't detail be minimal? This is something many have asked over such a huge period of time. People love flat, and some love that excessive amount of detail. But why not make something flat, that's not really flat? Something that has went into the details to be created? Something that's minimal, yet has subtle shadows, details, color effects, and blurs? Welcome to Aqueous, the theme that is the solution to all your problems.

Each icon has been thought out, depicting what you get inside of that app, to a logo that perfectly represents what's inside. Icons inside Aqueous include stunning colors, that match the app perfectly. Carefully crafted icons like Calendar includes that date numeral that matches the icon color, or camera and photos included a softly blurred color pallet underneath it's subtle whites. And shadows are noticeable, but not obtrusive. All this plus a grid system and a load of third party app icons makes Aqueous a wonderful theme that everyone will enjoy.

The only way to truly see the beauty and expandability within Aqueous is to get it and experience it yourself. Aqueous is available for just $2.49, which is a spectacular price for such a huge theme, the beauty it holds inside and out, every detail of it too.

A list of amazing features inside Aqueous: • Tons of icons that look absolutely incredible • Messages UI redesign • User-interface designs that match Aqueous • Sound effects for keyboard • Customization and expandable options • Updates that include more UI and icons • Notification Center, Home-screen, Settings and Spotlight icons.

Give feedback at and be sure to follow @Creasigner on Twitter, and Facebook. ( creasigner or creasignerproductions) Follow @_austin723_ on Twitter and Instagram, design at Creasigner.

Follow everyone who quoted Aqueous, on Twitter: Noah, @noah_ridge, Nick, @Nick_e96, Holley, @holley_diane

Recent changes

  • Fixes square icon issue for users that it still occurs for.
  • This is a small patch. Check email please! Changelog for Cydia: - Fixed Icon Shape Issues - Other tiny improvements.
  • Support for all jailbroken iPads. Support for the newest iPhones. Support for iOS 8+ and iOS 9+ Now only made for Anemone.Updated icons & more icons added. Other minor changes.
  • Initial release.


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