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  • AquaBoard X for iOS 11 is now available!

    Real 3D OpenGL-based water effects on your SpringBoard!

    Get cool , interactive water effects on your home screen!

    Touch anywhere, on icons, your wallpaper, your lock screen, and water ripples appear right where you touched or dragged.

    - It automatically lays over your wallpaper, at home screen or lock screen , and adds interactive water effects.

    - The tweak uses OpenGL ES 2.0 to render cool water ripples on screen.

    - It offers about 10 different ripple effect themes (size/depth) and several customization options.

    - Battery friendly; OpenGL rendering stops when the ripples stop animating or SpringBoard/Lockscreen is not visible.

    Enjoy browsing your icons, and show off to your friends with the coolest SpringBoard!

    - Works by overlaying an effect on native lockscreen/homescreen wallpapers. If you use tweaked wallpapers and it doesn't render, please contact me to add support.

    Check out the screenshots and video and ... enjoy!


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