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4.10/5 (603 votes).

All NEW AppCake 5!

WORKS Perfectly on iOS 9 Jailbreak with 3D Touch support!

AppSync Unified is REQUIRED to install apps!

Works on your iPhone & iPad for 7.0 ~ 9.3.3!

Recent changes

  • Improved UI
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed 'App Update' issues

  • Fixed issues in 'Remove metadata'
  • Added new ways to delete downloaded apps
  • More language support

  • Added Previous Versions button

  • Added Watch List feature

  • Improved Mobile Network Download Notice
  • More language support
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Stability Improvements
  • Added 5 languages


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added 3D Touch shortcut on home screen
  • Fix download issues
  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • Localization update
  • Bug fix


  • Added 3D Touch shortcut on home screen, you can use Forcy in Cydia to activate it on older devices!
  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • Localization update


  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • Fixed that "Categories Tab Icon" missing


  • Compatibility fix for iOS 9 JB!
  • * File host not loading fix for iOS 9 JB!


  • Important Update for iOS 8.3/8.4 Users
  • Faster Download Speed for some apps!
  • Added more languages


  • Fix crashes on iOS 8.3
  • Added more languages


  • Introducing standalone Torrent Download, you can download any Torrent file or Magnet link now.
    Your downloaded file will be at /var/mobile/Media/AppCake/BTDownload
  • Added Magnet download support
  • iPad UI bug fixes on iOS 8
  • Security improvement of AppCake, everyone should update to secure your AppCake!


  • Introducing standalone Torrent Download, you can download any torrent file now.
    Your downloaded file will be at /var/mobile/Media/AppCake/BTDownload
  • Some localization update


  • Fix "Cocoa 3840" bugs while checking update
  • Added a "ppsync free" version of AppCake in our repo
  • Some localization update


  • Fix "Remove Metadata" bugs
  • Disable "iTunes Sync" on iOS 8, it's not working right now.
  • Compatible with AppSync unified for iOS 8


  • Fix crashes on iPad iOS 7.x


  • Works on iOS 8.x, you don't need Cydia or AppSync. iOS 7.x Users don't need to update.
  • Optimized UI for iPhone 6 Plus!
  • Fix AppManagement bugs on iOS8
  • Known Issue: iTunes Sync still broken on iOS8

4.80 Beta

  • Works on iOS 8.x, you don't need Cydia or AppSync.


  • Fix the download folder bug in Torrent download.
  • Fix "Watch App" crash
  • Speed Optimization


  • Torrents Download! We added torrents download for large apps. Your can request apps to be seeded in our forum.
  • Top Apps for each categories
  • Pause/Resume for download
  • bug fixes


  • Optimized performance on iOS7
  • Fix the crash when using Search
  • Fix security issues in AppCake
  • New way of updating AppCake, you'll get the new AppCake easier than ever.
  • iOS 6 Users please install AppCake for iOS 6 in our repo


  • AppCake now can install DEB cydia apps! (not compatible with dependency)
  • Added "Installed App Management" in Settings
  • Added "WiFi Share" in Settings, you can upload files to AppCake with Browser now
  • Fixed the bug that unfinished download will eat up storage issue


  • Added "Show iPhone App" for iPad version
  • Added more translations


  • Fix for the Cydia not showing update of v4.5


  • Added "Report Link" in download page
  • Language selection in settings
  • Added app installation Indicator
  • Open app in App Store within AppCake now
  • You can open link in Safari now
  • Watchlist icon update
  • Fix the crash when you cancel a download
  • Fix iPad screenshots orientation
  • Added compatibility info
  • Added more translations


  • A quick fix for some crash on iOS 6


  • You asked for a "Watchlist", and here you have it :)
  • Fixed "Corrupted File" and "Install Error" issues, please give us feedback if it's fixed.
  • Fix the crash while deleting the file on iOS 6
  • Added more translations


  • Fixed iPad UI lag
  • Changed downloaded file name to Real name!
  • No more reboot after install
  • Added more translations


  • Fix iTunes Sync Error
  • Add some translations (see change log in app)


  • Entire app was rewritten, fully iOS7 compatible.
  • Added iTunes Sync, Metadata Removal, Air Drop Sharing and Update check etc.


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