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2.39/5 (23 votes).
Compatible with iOS 10
Requires Spotify Music, Deezer or the iOS Music app.

Tested on Spotify version 8.4.3.

Tested on Deezer version 6.20.0.

Apace is a rich replacement for Quickify on iOS 10 that has the following features:

Add to Collection / Favourite tracks
Adding the current track to Collection respectively Favourite tracks from Control Centre and Lockscreen is just a tap away. Will mark track as loved with the Music app.

Add to playlist
Add current track to a playlist from Control Centre and Lockscreen. You can choose to create a new playlist or select multiple ones. Select multiple by press and hold on a few playlists. When you are satisfied with the choice of playlists, simply pull down (as if you would refresh the table) to add them.

You can also choose to add directly to a prespecified playlist. It can check for duplicates.

On lockscreen, the playlist view will appear on the Today view. If you want to leave the view without adding to a playlist, just swipe back to the standard page and it will disappear.

Spotify Connect*
Control Spotify Connect devices in Control Centre's list of devices. It comes with the ability to change the icons amongst the standard ones Apple uses.

Control actions
Ability to control Offline Mode*, Incognito*, Shuffle** and Repeat by issuing a hold gesture on the album artwork.

Automatic image fetcher
Automatically fetches playlist images from Spotify's/Deezer's servers to show in the playlist view. If you don't want it to download them on your data plan you can choose to only download images on WiFi or only manually if you please so. It will also clean up leftovers if you decide to remove a playlist.

* such feature does not exists on all players
** requires Spotify Premium if using Spotify.

Works both in landscape and portrait mode.

Apace has support for Horseshoe (version 2.1.1). Not tested with Noctis but developed with it in mind. However, if any problems arise, feel free to contact me and I'll try to solve them as soon as possible.

Configure Apace in Settings.

Recent changes

Enabled ARC and fixed a memory leak which caused the device to respring after a few hours or days of usage (sorry for any inconvenience!).
Fixed SB crash if playlist view was dismissed by unlock and track was changed afterwards.
An attempt to fix Spotify crash when reading playlist data (I don't have this bug myself which complicates things - please send any crash logs).
Fixes to Spotify Offline Mode, Shuffle and Repeat not updating properly on app launch.
Initial support for Sinatra.


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