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For iPhone, iPod Touch
iPad compatibility coming soon
Compatible with iOS 7 & 8.

Requires device with AirDrop capability.

Also available, AnyDrop 2 (iOS 7)

AnyDrop 3 is the all-in-one sharing utility for iOS, taking AirDrop to the next level.
Browse through the root file-system and share any file with other devices using AirDrop (doesn’t require AnyDrop 3 to be installed on receiver’s device).

AnyDrop 3 can be used to share any file from any app that implements “Open In” feature.

AnyDrop 3 comes with extensions support.
Current available extensions are YouTube extension, Music extension.
YouTube extension lets you download videos using the official youtube app.
Music extension lets you share DRM free songs from your Music Library by touching and holding on the song cell.

AnyDrop 3 doesn’t require pairing with other devices at all.
AirDrop transmission speed is up to 20mbps.

"AnyDrop supercharges the concept of AirDrop, and makes it accessible for any file on the native file system."
Jeff from iDownloadBlog



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