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Today, I'm glad to introduce you my latest project for IOS7, a new theme called AnotherTheme

AnotherTheme has only been made to support ios7 and do not support iPads!

AnotherTheme it's a theme containing:

And many other surprises to find out!

I really hope you'll like this theme as much I liked work on it!

I would especially like to thank @Zooropalg, @Svink77, @Chris_GraphiX, @iTortrix and @JatoBZ 

for their help, their collaboration and their support and my beta testers who really helped me!

Thanks to iB0mmel for the nice good looking wallpaper he gave me.

I'd also like to thanks @ercourtney to let me use his perfect Tweetbot icon,

I couldn't have done any better, awesome guy, please check out his work on dribbble or on his website!

I'd like to thank @Mekalacool for his awesome job on the teaser!

What people think about AnotherTheme? Why don't check some reviews?

Another Theme Showcase by @Jima6636 (English):

AnotherTheme Review by @JailbreakStyles (French):

AnotherTheme Review by @EazyiPhone:

(Very nice looking theme, very pleasant, plus it fits perfectly to the iOS 7 style!)" -

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