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This is an iWidget pack of two AnimatD Weather iWidgets.

These iWidgets use Widget Weather tweak to function. You must have it installed in order to use these iWidgets.

The first is AnimatD Full Screen. It is a full screen animated weather iWidget that shows nicely over your icons on your screen. Also it has a touch function (info button top right corner in pics) that will display a 6 hour forecast, 5 day forecast and a host of other weather information. (see screenshots) Touch to show info, touch again to hide it.

The second iWidget is a smaller weather widget. AnimatD Framed. Features animated weather, minimal weather text information in a nicely designed frame. It also has a static weather option if you choose not to use it as animated. Select Animated Weather off and also turn off Realistic Walls so it shows static weather images that are just like some of the images in iOS7 weather app. The widget shows twice in one screenshot, the top is the animated version, the bottom is the static version. I have also included a screenshot to show what options to select for the static weather to look the best.

The moon when visible in most conditions in both of these iWidgets uses actual moon phase images too!

A very big thank you to Dacal for the animated weather scripts and overall help and work with animated widgets for widget weather tweak.

These widgets must be left installed from Cydia in order to work. You cannot copy to another folder and then remove from Cydia.

Thanks for your continued support of my work! Very much appreciated.


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