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Compatible with iOS 9

AndroLock is here! Have the beauty and simplicity of the Android lock screen on your jailbroken iPhone! This tweak brings the entire Android lock screen look, feel, and interaction, and it feels ridiculously native.

All altering of the lock screen view was done to feel as native as possible, so you won't even realize your phone isn't an Android.

This tweak features:
- Android-style notifications that look stunning, and contain a white background, black text, and are inset from the edges to mimic those of Android phones
- A Lollipop-style (feature-packed) miniplayer for the lock screen that fits perfectly with the notifications
- Dimmed album artwork as wallpaper when listening to music
- Ability to push the date more towards the center of the screen like on Android devices
- A completely redesigned passcode UI which removes rings around passcode keys, adds beautiful animations to the buttons, and rearranges the views on the passcode view to resemble the Android one
- Adds a phone app grabber to the left of the lock screen
- Themed emergency, cancel, phone, and camera icons

It's a sight and feeling of this blend of Android design and the luxury of iOS that must be experienced first-handedly.

Please consider purchasing, and if you have any support concerns feel free to email me.

Thank you!


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