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An Android-inspired experience, for iOS!

Recent changes

- Fixed Action Bar - It will now show when enabling it in preferences. IF IT STILL DOES NOT SHOW, PLEASE REBOOT YOUR DEVICE.

- Support iOS 9
- Killed a serious amount of bugs.
- Cleaned up a lot of code.
- Added ability to lock widgets in place by holding them, and unlock by holding them again.
- Widgets actually do what they are meant to do now, stay on the homescreen. They are hidden when an app or anything else is opened on the homescreen.
- Action bar is very simple now. It acts how it should on Android by pushing up the screen at all times. (works with most apps, but for some reason does not with safari).
- Added option to keep default iOS blur in Notification Center.
- Default tab when NC is opened is now the "Today" tab.
- Completely fixed all Search Widget bugs (removed buggy resizing).
- Fixed video rotation lock bug.
- Removed activator settings for certain widgets.
- Removed "lock animation" and "hold homescreen to open switcher" (they are no longer compatible with iOS 9)
- Changed "respring" button in preferences to "save" button which automatically resprings.
- Added one time welcome message for new and existing customers.
- Have fun! We love you guys, and hope you enjoy this update of Andrios. If you have any bugs to report please email us through the support button in preferences, or contact us on twitter. Thank you!


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