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Ando iOS8 (iPhone & iPad compatible), now on your devices.

Make CLOCK & NEWSSTAND icons as other: open iFile, go in root/ library/ themes/ (one of frenchitouch themes)/ bundles/, copy the file, go in root/ system/ CoreServices/, save/rename native and replace my in his place. Respring and enjoy a full SB.

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Recent changes

  • Fix icons names.
  • Icons names fix: sketchbook pro. Icons added: bbm, ninegagtv, adobe reader, amazon, dailymotion, deviantart, etsy, google adwords, google calendar, google chromecast, google classroom, google my business, google news, google slide, snapseed, yahoo weather.
  • Fix for icons names.
  • Fix for icons names.
  • Icons names fix : google authenticator, snapchat, google search, badland, anydo, glympse.
  • Reduction (+/-50%) of the total weight of the files for greater fluidity. Separation of dock files (now included in a new package cydia). Fix Some icons names.
  • Now fully compatible with ThemeLib winterboard extension. Include clock & newsstand icons, icons settings, ClassicDock, classicBadge styles, UI. Download ThemeLiib in If you want enjoy a full custom.
  • Initial release.


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