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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

Anchor allows you to freely place your icons. Your icons will be "anchored" to the row and column you place them in. They will not automatically scrunch together allowing you to have spaces between your icons. Simply drag and drop icons into the positions you want them in.

Includes a settings panel to enable/disable the tweak and to reset layouts.

Recent changes

*Fixed an issue causing the device to crash after installing on iOS 8 and below

*Added option to disable separate layouts based on orientation
*Fixed saving landscape layouts

*Fixed settings crash when trying to apply a saved layout
*Stopped syslog spam

*Fixed some crashes
*Fixed some issues with layouts getting messed up
*Added support inside of folders
*Added the ability to save your current layout
*Added the ability to have separate layouts depending on your orientation
*See all the new features here


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