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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9
iPad not currently supported.

AltKeyboard 2 enhances your keyboard experience with a familiar yet revamped way of typing on iOS.

Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry

Coded & Developed by James Long

The Keyboard portion of AKB2 lets you quickly input non-alphabetic or capital characters from your keyboard, without having to switch back & forth between iOS keyboard modes.

Simply flick up on a key to input its alternate numeric or special character (displayed near the top of each key), or flick down to input its capital form. Flick up on Auxiliary Alts (backspace, shift, return, etc) to perform other functions such as undo, define or deselect/dismiss auto-correct.

You can also slide up on the space bar to access text editing like select, copy, cut, paste, etc—all straight from your keyboard with a single gesture!

Lastly, the Cursor Seeker gives you the ability to productively navigate text forms via grabbers on the side of the keyboard, and highlight text (via the shift key, or when caps is on).

AKB2 is fully configurable via Settings.

Full iPad support coming in v1.1!

Recent changes

- Crash fixes


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