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Allegro, beautifully different themes.

Each icon was hand crafted to be unique and highly detailed. Sticking to a minimal color pallet which allows each icon to come together to create one beautifully different concept.

Whats Included: 3 icon sets (860 apps themed in each set, make sure to check the folder for alts), ControlCenter & StatusBar, DarkUI by @iOSLyfe, 2 Badges (multiple colors), 7 Badges by Licris17 @lochaschong, 8 AnemoneEffects + 2 more by iOSLyfe, Folder Theme, 4 Allegro style Infostat2 iWidgets by @yofatpapa, 3 Zeppelin logos by Licris17 @locaschong, 6 MagicDots by Nykoscn @nykoscn, 1 Dock, PSD file which allows you to create and share your own Allegro Style Icons, Amazing UISounds + stunning sms/email Tones, Allegro Essenza iWidgets and tons of AnemoneEffects/Badges are available as separate packages.

Search for Allegro to get all packages and all amazing high quality Effects/Badges from @bulldog5278 and @lochaschong.

Official Allegro thread.

Thousand of amazing effects, badges, wallpapers, widgets from the best designers.

First and foremost I want to tank you, the Modders, the Users, Newbies, it was because of you that Allegro and even more Allegro Essenza made such a long standing impression.

Compatibility: iOS 7/8/9/10, Retina iPhones/iPad.

Recent changes

  • Added icons - minor fix.
  • Initial release.


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