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Allegro Essenza Tinto.

The idea for Tinto came from a suggestion my good friend Pois0nDF gave to me, Have you ever thought about coloring the Essenza Glyphs. That is how Tinto was born. A highly detailed and brilliantly colored and extremely unique glyph based theme that is unmatched by any other. Brilliantly colored glyphs with detailed shading and a slight drop shadow to give the appearance of a floating icon. All icons are created from scratch which adds to this beautifully different glyph styled theme.

This is the third installment in the Allegro theme series, to get all packages type Allegro (3 themes, 113Anemone Effects, 18 Badges, MagigDots, ALTsettings, Widgets, Dock, Zeppelin, Dialer...), 7 Badges, +460 icons themed, 14 Anemone Effects, CC+Statusbar, Settings, New UiSounds, A tons of awesome Anemone Effects and widgets from the best designers around on official Allegro ModMyi thread or on their Twitter public folders (listed below).

First and foremost I want to thank you, the users, modders, newbies, it was because of you that Allegro made such a long standing impression. This theme is dedicated to all of you.

A special thanks goes to @yofatpapa, @locaschong, @dubailive, @Hi_TechRN, @Liaaliooo, @bulldog5278. S1tal, @BigSargeTD, @chrisjour47, @nykoscn, @jusephe1971, @lucas_95_vn, @mef3579, @Andorri, and anyone I forgot.

To get UISounds, Badge and Effects install Anemone. Winterboard users need IconBundles tweak. Allegro an AffinityDesigner theme. Screenshots widgets @yofatpapa, @liaaliooo, @dubailive. Walls @_macinmac_, @iDeviceArt, @chrisjour47

Recent changes

  • iOS 10 Support - minor fix - icons.
  • Added icons - more than 830 icons themed - ShareSheetIcons are now included within main theme.
  • Added icons - now count more then 790 icons themed - Added No Folder Grid theme - Added Cydia settings - Check theme folder for Info text file - Minor fix.
  • Added Icons - Thanks to @Andorri - Fixed Allegro Essenza Tinto wrong installation path.
  • Requested icons.
  • Requested Icons.
  • iOS 9.3.3 compatibility - A lot of requested icons - Added PageDot for Anemone - enable the Nykoscan Pagedot themes.
  • Add requested icons - More than 580 icons themed - minor fix.
  • Requested icons added - More than 520 icons themed - minor fix.
  • Add requested icons - More than 510 icons themed - Minor fix.
  • Initial release.


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