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Without further delay I am proud to present to you Allegro Essenza. A highly detailed glyph based icon theme unlike anything that has been done before. Solid white glyphs with detailed shading and a light drop shadow and a touch of color to give the appearance of a floating icon. All icons are created from scratch which adds to this "beautifully different" glyph styled theme.

What you will receive: Over 240 icons themed (more to come), Settings icons themed, Black & White Settings, ControlCenter & StatusBar, 3 AnemoneEffects, 1 Amazing Glasseffect AE by @jusephe1971 aka Jusephe71, 1 @locaschong aka Licris17 progressUI, 1 @yofatpapa aka PoisOnDF UI theme.

More coming: Essenza Widgets, Essenza Badge and Essenza Effects.

More screenshots, walls and widgets on Official Allegro ModMyi thread.

First and foremost I want to thank you, the users, modders, newbies, it was because of you that Primo made such a long standing impression. Thus giving me the motivation to create “Allegro” and Essenza.

A special thanks goes to @yofatpapa, @locaschong, @iOSLyfe, @Liaaliooo, @dubailive, @nykoscn, @jusephe1971, @Mr_Dock77, @MrTh3m3s and anyone I forgot.

Essenza was created to be compatible with Anemone theming platform. To experience Allegro Essenza at it fullest potential ( UiSounds, UiTheme, Icon Effects, and Badges) I recommend using Anemone. All icons that are requested or being requested will be done in -large format which only works with Anemone.

This also makes it easier for me to fulfill icon request for different devices ( iPhone/iPad ).

All Essenza Effects work only with glyph themes like Primo.

Compatibility: Anemone, Winterboard (you will need icon bundles from Cydia )not tested.

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