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Without further delay I am proud to present to you Allegro Essenza. A highly detailed glyph based icon theme unlike anything that has been done before. Solid white glyphs with detailed shading and a light drop shadow and a touch of color to give the appearance of a floating icon. All icons are created from scratch which adds to this "beautifully different" glyph styled theme.

What you will receive: Over 240 icons themed (more to come), Settings icons themed, Black & White Settings, ControlCenter & StatusBar, 3 AnemoneEffects, 1 Amazing Glasseffect AE by @jusephe1971 aka Jusephe71, 1 @locaschong aka Licris17 progressUI, 1 @yofatpapa aka PoisOnDF UI theme.

More coming: Essenza Widgets, Essenza Badge and Essenza Effects.

More screenshots, walls and widgets on Official Allegro ModMyi thread.

First and foremost I want to thank you, the users, modders, newbies, it was because of you that Primo made such a long standing impression. Thus giving me the motivation to create “Allegro” and Essenza.

A special thanks goes to @yofatpapa, @locaschong, @iOSLyfe, @Liaaliooo, @dubailive, @nykoscn, @jusephe1971, @Mr_Dock77, @MrTh3m3s and anyone I forgot.

Essenza was created to be compatible with Anemone theming platform. To experience Allegro Essenza at it fullest potential ( UiSounds, UiTheme, Icon Effects, and Badges) I recommend using Anemone. All icons that are requested or being requested will be done in -large format which only works with Anemone.

This also makes it easier for me to fulfill icon request for different devices ( iPhone/iPad ).

All Essenza Effects work only with glyph themes like Primo.

Compatibility: Anemone, Winterboard (you will need icon bundles from Cydia )not tested.

Recent changes

  • Fixed Anemone Dock themes, thanks to @Andorri - Requested icons.
  • Requested Icons.
  • iOS 9.3.3 compatibility - A lot of requested icons - Added PageDot for Anemone - enable the Nykoscan Pagedot themes.
  • Added requested icons - More than 580 icons themed - Minor fix.
  • Requested icons added - More than 520 icons themed - minor fix.
  • Add requested icons - More than 510 icons themed - Fix Weather Widgets - Minor fix - Thank you so much @yofatpapa - @Liaaliooo and @JunesIphone
  • Add requested icons.
  • Added Requested Icons - Added Folder Icons theme, thanks to S1TAL.
  • Add Icons Requested - Minor Fix.
  • Added requested icons - Now more than 400 icons available. Added 4 new Stunning Dock by @Andorri + Essenza mobile timer framework by @Andorri - Fixed ControlCenter Calculator Glyph - Add Black&White Settings theme.
  • Added 2 Amazing dock by @Andorri Thank you very much. Added requested icons (thanks a ton @jusephe1971 and @Dock) - Moved all the AE in a single package (Allegro Essenza Anemone Effects). The theme was divided because it was the only way to mask unthemed icons. To get unthemed icons masked check the theme folder and rename the Info-noSquare-unthemedIcons.plist as Info.plist then go to Bundles/ and delete or rename the AppIconMask@2x~iphone AppIconMask@x3~iphone AppIconMask@2x~ipad Thanks to @Attairdu57slm for that trick. Thanks a ton @mef3579 his icon framework was included in the theme. Move the standard AE under the main theme to get the transparent overlay.
  • Initial release.


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