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After great success with my first theme Primo I am proud to present my next creation Allegro. Allegro is unlike anything that you have seen before. Each icon was hand crafted to be unique and highly detailed. Sticking to a minimal color pallet which allows each icon to come together to create one BUEATIFULLY DIFFERENT concept.

What you will receive: Over 220 icons themed(more to come). Settings icons themed. ControlCenter & StatusBar. Dark UI by @iOSLyfe. 2 Badges (multiple colors). 7 Badges by Licris17(unlike anything else). 6 AnemoneEffects + 2 more by iOSLyfe( compatible with WB).

4 Allegro style iWidgets by @yofatpapa (aka:Pois0nDF).

3 Zeppelin logos by Licris17 @locaschong. 6 MagicDots by Nykoscn @nykoscn. 1 Dock. PSD file which allows you to create and share your own Allegro style Icons. Amazing Ui Sounds.

For all of you that take part in Allegro it doesnt stop with one theme. Allegro Essenza a truly unique glyphs style theme that will be an addon to Allegro. Please don?t ask for me to release.

It will be released when the time is right. See latest screenshots.

More screenshots, walls and widgets on Official Allegro ModMyi thread.

First and foremost I want to thank you, the users, modders, newbies, it was because of you that Primo made such a long standing impression. Thus giving me the motivation to create Allegro.

A special thanks goes to @yofatpapa, @locaschong, @iOSLyfe, @Liaaliooo, @dubailive, @nykoscn and anyone I forgot.

Allegro was created to be compatible with Anemone theming platform. To experience Allegro at it fullest potential ( UiSounds, UiTheme, Icon Effects, and Badges) I recommend using Anemone. All icons that are requested or being requested will be done in -large format which only works with Anemone.

This also makes it easier for me to fulfill icon request for different devices ( iPhone/iPad ).

Compatibility: Anemone. Winterboard(you will need icon bundles from Cydia)not tested, only iOSLyfe effects will work with WB.

Recent changes

  • iOS 10 Support - minor fix - icons.
  • Added icons - more than 830 icons themed - ShareSheetIcons are now included within main theme.
  • Added icons - now count more than 790 icons themed - Thanks @kupkez ( D-Shin ) for Settings fix theme, enable above main theme - Added No Folder Grid theme - Minor fix.
  • Added icons.
  • Fixed Anemone Dock theme, thanks to @Andorri - Requested icons.
  • Requested Icons (700) - fixed Weather Widgets, requires InfoStat2, Widget Weather 2 tweaks, free in Cydia. Thanks @Junesiphone.
  • iOS 9.3.3 compatibility - A lot of requested icons - Added PageDot for Anemone - enable the Nykoscan Pagedot themes.
  • Added requested icons - More than 580 icons themed - Minor fix.
  • Requested icons added - more than 520 icons themed - minor fix.
  • Add requested icons - More than 510 icons themed - Fix Weather Widgets - Minor fix - Thank you so much @yofatpapa - @Liaaliooo and @JunesIphone
  • Add Requested Icons - Add new simply AE.
  • Added Requested Icons - Added new awesome Rectangle AE - Added Folder Icons theme, thanks to S1TAL.
  • Add Icons Requested - Minor Fix.
  • Added requested icons - Now more than 400 icons available - Fixed ControlCenter Calculator Glyph - Moved Black & White settings theme to Allegro Essenza theme.
  • Added requested icons (thanks a ton @jusephe1971 and @Dock). Moved the Nykoscn_Allegro_MD_Essenza theme to Allegro Essenza theme folder.
  • Add Glasseffect_Jusephe71 Anemone Effect by @jusephe1971 Many thanks to Jusephe for this Amazing effect. Add icons requested.
  • Added Requested Icons. Minor fix.
  • Initial release.


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