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Fed up with the design of your lock screen ? Try akvo: it's a LockHTML widget designed for iOS 7 and above. This fullfeatured and customizable widget will replace the clock on your lock screen. It will show you date and time as well as the current weather.

  • Customizable:
    Using akvo's integrated settings, it's easy change the look and feel of your lock screen and give it the aspect that you prefer.
  • Compatible:
    The widget was designed to be used on all iOS devices (including iPad) running iOS 7 or above. It just adapts itself to all screen sizes. Place the widget wherever you want by using LockHTML's Edit Mode (long press on the widget to move it, just like you would do with icons on the home screen).

Features :

  • 24h option
  • AM/PM option
  • Advanced design (adding the current weather to the widget)
  • Weather of your GPS location (WidgetWeather2 will be needed)
  • Manually set your location using WOEIDs (Yahoo! Weather)
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius switch
  • Two different fonts for time display
  • Option for a thicker general font
  • Black Mode (for bright wallpapers)
  • Option to hide the leading zero for the time display
  • Option invert date/time position
  • Works with any wallpaper

I designed some wallpapers that you can install separately:

Recent changes

  • New in version 2.0: New option to invert date/time position - New option to show AM/PM - Code was completely rewritten - General UI improvements including a more responsive layout - Changed the way the widget behaves when the weather data failed to load - Fixed all known bugs. Note: I released 2 new wallpapers packs: akvo prujno wallpapers and akvo glacio wallpapers (link in the description).
  • New option: Compact Advanced Design. Get a more compact layout for Advanced Design (applies only if Advanced Design is enabled). Changed the way you customize fonts in the theme options : you can now separately choose the font you want for the date/weather info and the time. It's less confusing, and more customizable. Rewrote majority of the code to improved the loading time of the widget.
  • Stability improvements (fixed the lag affecting 24h Mode).
  • Fixed bug that affected the Thin Font option.
  • You can now get the weather of your GPS location. You will need to install and configure WidgetWeather2 first. The enable Use GSP Location in akvo’s settings and leave Location code blank. Manually entered locations codes are now WOEIDs (you can get them form Yahoo! Weather) and no longer weather.com codes. Added an option to get a thicker general font. Added options to hide the leading zero of hours and minutes.
  • Initial release.


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