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Works on iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Has arm64 support.

AirSpeaker allows you to use your iOS device as an AirPlay speaker, like AirPlayServer and shairport.

This can be useful for those who want to add AirPlay capabilities to an old iPhone/iPod dock, or generic 3.5mm speakers.

AirSpeaker runs as a daemon (system service), and therefore lacks an app icon, as it is not an app.

You may configure and use a password if you wish to do so from its preference pane.

Speaker name is also changeable from AirSpeaker's preference pane (the default being "AirSpeaker").

Recent changes

1.4.1: 2018/02/26

  • Added iOS 11 compatibility

1.4: 2018/01/29

  • Added an option to turn the AirSpeaker server off
  • Redesigned the preference pane
  • Minor code refactoring
  • 日本語化を追加しました (Added Japanese localisation)

1.3: 2016/04/28

  • Updated to use my public open-source KarenPrefs library.

1.2: 2016/03/03

  • Improved performance on slower networks
  • Decreased amount of time it takes for connections to time out

1.1: 2016/01/30

  • Fixed crashing on iOS 5/6
  • Fixed shorthand objectForKey: syntax causing iOS 5 to crash (turns out this is a common thing across any binary that makes use of KarenPrefs/KarenLocalize(!?))
  • Fixed a crash caused by the server trying to deallocate an object at the incorrect time
  • Laid down initial code to allow the user to control the state of the AirSpeaker server (via CLI tool airspeakerctl)
  • Laid down initial code to allow for the Flipswitch Toggle (coming soon) to control the AirSpeaker server
  • Laid down initial code to allow the user to determine whether or not the AirSpeaker server should automatically start upon device boot

1.0: 2016/01/25

  • Initial release.


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