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IMPORTANT:For iOS 6 version, Search Air Keyboard Pack iOS 6!

Air Keyboard Pack is the sequel to iOS 7 Keyboard Pack (This iOS 8 Keyboard Pack).

All new design for keyboard.

Over 25 keyboards with BlurBackground or OriginalBackground.

BB = BlurBackground.

Keyboards:Air Aviorrok/BB, Air LightBlue/BB, Air Blue/BB, Air Black/BB, Air Orange/BB, Air Facebook/BB, Air Vine/BB, Air Light Red/BB, Air iPhone5s Gold/BB, Air White/BB, Air Classic/BB, Air Turquoise/BB, Air Yellow/BB.

Soon more keyboards.

You like it? Try iOS 7 Keyboard Pack and SwitchX from Cydia.

Need Color Keyboard 7 from Cydia.

Recent changes

  • Rewrite all keyboards.
  • Fixed the transparent pop up(Thanks vXBaKeRXv) (still have a shift button bug).


  • New shift key style.
  • Full support for iOS 7.1.1.
  • (Have a bug with shift and sometimes not all keyboard transparent because Color Keyboard not fully iOS 7.1.x).


  • New Air Orange & Pink/BB.
  • New Air Green & Blue/BB.
  • New Air Turquoise & Blue/BB.


  • New Air Brown/BB.
  • New Air Light Green/BB.
  • New Air Blue & Red/BB.


  • New Dark Blue/BB Keyboard.
  • New Red/BB Keyboard.
  • New Light Purple/BB Keyboard.
  • Fix black letters when the black keyboard show(Thanks Tommy).
  • Black letters on Classic/BB Keyboard.


  • Initial release.


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