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The name of IT is Afresco and Afresco & Notte.

Afresco & Notte is the DARK version of the theme; both sets total up to over 400 icons. The & Notte set also includes a modified Iconomatic {darker bezel} and certain icons to wholly fit a dark setup.

Afresco theme includes a beautiful and innovative status bar signal, plus an alternative matching Zeppelin logo thanks to Alfroggy {@chezfroggy twitter}, and the Settings icons made by @izzi {@chaoos34 twitter} - very appreciated. Such an incredible work for both of them - Thank You again.

Both sets include a DEDICATED Iconomatic shadow especially made for each set.

Also includes lots of wallpapers CUSTOM made, which can't be found anywhere on web, lots of widgets and modes, All of them for Free.

Can be found for free here:

Afresco is the refresh for your Device. Icons thought and made out of the box, individually made one by one; Crisp, Detailed.

Look at the Screenshots.

Available for any retina iPhone with iOS 8 and up.

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