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Can't wait for Apple Watch?

Do you eagerly wait to get your hands on the new Apple Watch UI? Or do you simply like the new beautiful design and want it with you all the time on your iPhone?

This is for you: Aeternum. Meaning "eternity" in Latin it provides you the elegant new user interface inspired by Apple Watch, scrolling in any direction eternally as long as you have enough icons to feed it. It is fully functional, featuring a Dock and the ability to rearrange all icons (and it is beautiful at that!). You might not even have to though because initially and on request icons are sorted by usage counts. There are various settings to adjust the appearance to your needs and you can even theme it.

From the makers of iTouchSecure, PwnTunes and PhotoAlbums+:
Aeternum - Design... Optimized for your Lifestyle:
Apple - but with ALL possibilities.


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