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A beautiful mix of color and sleekness to enhance your iOS 11 experience.

Changelog (1.3-2):

  • Hotfix for not loading correctly (i hope)

Changelog (1.3-1):

  • Pushed a hot fix for Contact icon showing white bar on top.

Changelog (1.3):

  • Added some banking apps.
  • Started dark mode expect it in 1.5 Release!
  • Will fix up icons that may be off center or slanted in 1.4 :)
  • Glyph mode was started!

Changelog (1.2-1):

  • Another fix.

Changelog (1.2):

  • Fix for failing to load in Anemone.


Currently Aesir Pro is just the normal theme but it will be updated to:


  • Have more icons.
  • Light Mode
  • Dark Mode
  • Party Mode (Colorful)
  • and Glyph Mode

Aesir Pro supports 80+ Icons at the moment.

Please send icon requests to with the subject "Aesir Icon Request".
I will be adding more and more icons everyday.


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