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Transparency on iOS just got Better!

Aelon for iOS 8 is a transparent theme which provides icons that make your HomeScreen look the way you thought it had to be!

Aelon has been recreated from scratch, all icons are re-designed to suit iOS 8 in best way!

Aelon for iOS 8 now comes with iPhone 4s - 6 Plus support.

Aelon comes with Light & Dark versions of Transparent Icons.

Aelon for iOS 8 comes preloaded with: - Round Mask, Circular Mask, Glyphs. - Light & Dark icons. - 170+ icons themed for each mask & design. - Aelon PSD to theme your own icons (inside Aelon Rounds folder).

Future Updates: - New icons as per user request. - Custom UI, Settings icons, etc.

For icon requests email at:

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