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Transparency on iOS just got Better!

Aelon brings transparent icons on iOS 7 in different masks. With Aelon every icon looks new with every wallpaper changed!

It just mixes with the wallpapers so well!

Get a fresh look to your iDevice with Aelon Theme.

Aelon features with: Regular mask Icons, Circular mask Icons, Glyph Icons, Aelon aims at theming all the stock as well as other application.

Future updates: new icons, custom ui, messages ui, settings icon, etc.

Recent changes

  • Added new icons as per user request. Added new FolderIcons Background.
  • Added new icons (Requires IconBundles).
  • Added 40+ new icons. (Requires IconBundles). Fixed snapchat, spotify, soundcloud, etc. Added Aelon Convergance Theme. Added GroovyLock Aelon LS. Added Aelon Boot Logo.
  • Requires IconBundles for iOS 8 icon support. Added icons for iOS 8.x and iPhone 4-6+
  • Added few more icons. Fixed 2-3 icon names.
  • Fixed certain icon names. Added 20 new icons. More icons coming soon!
  • Added Settings Icons: Round, circular & glyphs. Fixed certain icons.
  • Added icons based on user request. New Jellylock7 theme added. Fixed some icon names. Settings icons coming next update!
  • Added some new icons. Fixed all icon names and now it completely supports iOS 7.1.x. More icons coming soon!
  • Added new 25+ icons. Added PSD in Aelon Rounds Theme Folder. Many more icons coming soon!
  • Initial release.

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