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Dock for Admire v2 theme, you need buy first Admire v2 Main theme for use this.

Requires ClassicDock, please configure it in Classic Mode and turn off the Reflect Icons option.

An awesome theme for your device. Compatible with all iPhones and iPod 5 on iOS 7.0.x-7.1.x.

It has a very clean icons (over 50 icons + mask for all icons (Cydia and Appstore apps), with look very cool has, includes pretty widgets for iWidgets (Clock, Userpic and Digital Clock), very cool LS (various colors) , also includes perfect Wallpapers (in native and icons for Statusbar to give a great experience. I've also applied info.plist effects to make it look cool.

Take a look at the screenshots, they are great.

You can also check my other themes: Anique v2, Anique Re, Anique iPad, Anycon, AfterOS, AfterOS Re.


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