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Ever wanted Siri to be a bit less intrusive, like the old iOS 6 Siri? Adiutor allows you to do just that. Siri now takes up a customisable height instead of being fullscreen.

Adiutor means 'assistant' in Latin. An assistant should be there to guide or give you help - not interrupt what you're doing. A fullscreen button is included for when Siri gives you longer responses such as a web search, weather, etc.

Check out screenshots and a video below!

Recent changes

Temporarily disabled the help button actions as they were causing issues

Added iOS 8.3 Compatibility

Jjust waiting on Saurik to enable purchases for 8.3

Help Invokes Fullscreen now has an animation

Compulsory bug fixes

Added an option to change the darkening of the tint with 'Remove Blur' enabled.

Added a remove blur toggle

Using a _more_ safe method of removing the Help Button

Using custom + and - images now - the - image is used when siri is in fullscreen, and + being used when it's not.

Added a 'Replace Help Button with Fullscreen Button' option, everything is working except the image (will be coming soon ;p) for those with the fullscreen button overlapping their bluetooth button which I didn't know existed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Added a 'Help invokes Fullscreen' option.


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