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aday – a vibrant, happy theme with nice, soothing colors.

“aday at the beach; aday in the life.” a small free verse poem.

it has been a really good day. the sun is setting, and the light is just right. it’s not getting dark yet, but the day is at its close. the sun’s reflection is shimmering on the water. sunlight glittering, glistening upon the waves. the sky is a pretty color, a very calming color. you’re walking on the beach, holding the hand of the person you love. and then, you’re laying in the sand. their skin, glowing in the golden sunlight. and you think to yourself, wow... this is aday in the life.

aday features: 180+ icons. control center icons. settings icons. status bar icons. wallpapers coming soon.

aday is fully compatible with: iOS 9. iOS 8. iOS 7.

aday requires: Anemone – a full theming solution. Please check out my other themes: Ascension Hephaestus Vindemia.

P.S. This theme was certainly NOT made in aday. ;P


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