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Requires iOS 7
Acute is compatible with all devices that have microphones

Acute: The new way to control your device

Acute is a limitless voice recognition suite designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your device. You can create an unlimited number of phrases to say in Acute’s settings which can then be assigned in Activator to perform any action. Once Acute is activated, it is always listening, meaning you can activate it and forget about it, then just speak to your device like you would speak to a person. This means that Acute has very little battery impact, as you only use it when you need it. When Acute hears you say one of the phrases you've made, it will immediately perform the designated Activator action.

Acute is also intelligent. It can interpret and perform math operations that you say to it. You can simply say ‘Calculate 15 times 31’ and Acute will immediately show you the answer. The days of punching things into calculators are over!

Acute is totally offline, you do not need to be connected to the internet for Acute to work.

Some of the ways people have been using Acute:

• Say ‘Unlock’ - unlocks device
• Say ‘Illuminate’ - turns on flashlight
• Say ‘Marco’ - phone says ‘Polo’ (useful for finding your phone)
• Say ‘Power Down’ - powers down device
• Say ‘Home Mode’ - turn on WiFi, turn off cellular, raise brightness
• Say ‘Capture’ - take a picture

Thanks to @A_RTX for the icon and @benrosen0 for the video

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