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Acapella is an elegant take on music controls in iOS. It cleans up the cluttered music controls, replacing it with a simple to use, gesture based alternative. Acapella is the successor to Gesture Music Controls. It works on all devices iOS 7.0 - 8.1.1.

- tap on title to play/pause
- tap on left or right side to increase/decrease volume
- slide left or right to change tracks
- slide down to bring up repeat/shuffle controls
- slide up to invoke sharing view (social media)
- 1s hold on left or right side skips 20s in that direction (supported media only)
- 1s hold on title in music app shows ratings (iTunes Radio compatable)
- 1s hold (not in music app) will open the now playing app, unless it is an iTunes Radio track, it will bring up the rating controls
- sliding up or down you will see the progress and volume controls will snap so you can use them the way you normally would (see tutorial video)

Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes

Animation bug fixes
Issue with certain apps (chrome, safari, etc) not responding to Acapella toggling the playback state (play/pause).


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