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This theme truly shows iOS' potential. With minimal effect, but using the maximum amount of that beautiful retina display. With Inspiration from Surenix and JunesiPhone, This is a must have theme for all iPhones and iPods running on iOS 7.

Although apple did a great job at designing the newest operating system, they didn't seem to take the time to perfect it in ways that we have.

We dug deep into what iOS 7 is really all about, and crafted icons that resembled that idea better than the stock ones do.

Benchmark theme? You tell us. Also, do not be worried about incompatibility with iconomatic, this theme is fully compatible with it! From the creators of Circular Battery, Comfort, White0ut, Fram3d, UI Pack, and many more… we would like to introduce 7mpact.

Included is the full theme, which themes not only your icons, ut your whole experience. From your UI, to a new color keyboard, to your calculator, this theme makes everything perfect again.

All future updates will be free of charge to all existing customers.

Thanks so much for the support.


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