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3TCH for iOS8 is a colorful yet sophisticated theme. Too often themes are too colorful or too dull. 3TCH hopes to bridge the gap between these two characteristics.

3TCH includes an iconomatic, wallpapers, and over 160 icons. Also, it doesn't end there. If there's something missing that you want added, e-mail me and I will reply within 24 hours.

Icon requests? No problem! Send me an e-mail with AppInfo information (needed for paid apps, preferred for free) and I'll get to it right away.

Purchased Noise, Circular, or served as a beta tester for the theme? E-mail me proof (you can e-mail a picture of it in your cydia account OR if yo uwere a beta tester, I have your e-mail on file, just reemail me OR send me an e-mail through Cydia and it'll show your purchased packages) for a free copy!


Follow me on twitter for updates and freebies in the future. Joy Chen (joythewizard)

Recent changes

  • Icon update; if you want more icons, please e-mail me at joythewizard@gmail.com
  • Initial release.


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