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Enables WiFi-Only features like FaceTime, HD-Quality YouTube videos and more on 3G and LTE.

It allows those things by tricking applications into believing they are on WiFi, even though they are on 3G or LTE.

What you can do with it

Enables on LTE/3G/EDGE:

  • Make and receive FaceTime calls (even on AT&T)
  • YouTube HD video quality selection
  • Download apps bigger than 100MB from the AppStore
  • Download music, movies, TV shows and podcasts bigger than 100MB from the iTunes Store
  • Use iCloud's Photo Stream
  • Automatically backup to iCloud
  • Watch videos with Amazon Prime and many other video streaming apps
  • Play online games, which usually only work on WiFi, like Order and Chaos or Modern Combat
  • Tweetbot Streaming
  • And much, much more since 3G Unrestrictor works with almost all apps 3rd party apps that restrict you in any way on 3G/LTE like for example Audible!

Recent changes

3G Unrestrictor 5.8.1
  • Fixed Not being able to add apps on iOS 8
  • Not fixed yet: App Store not being unrestricted
3G Unrestrictor 5.7.3
  • Fixed FaceTime not working on 3G when WiFi is turned on, but not connected to a network.
3G Unrestrictor 5.7.2
  • Fixed Compatibility with YouTube
  • Fixed Crash of the config app when tapping the help text
3G Unrestrictor 5.7.1
  • New iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina compatibility
3G Unrestrictor 5.7
  • New iOS 7.x compatibility
  • New iOS 7 Design for the config app
  • Fixed FaceTime support on 7.x
  • Fixed Many, many, many bugfixes
  • Misc Support for the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina is coming as soon as the tweak engine Mobile Substrate is updated
3G Unrestrictor 5.6.1
  • Misc Added limited functionality for YouTube 1.3 for iOS 5 users who cannot update to YouTube 2.2. Videos show in WiFi quality, but you cannot select a specific quality setting.
3G Unrestrictor 5.6
  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube 2.2 update
  • Misc Completely rewrote YouTube tricking. Should survive future YouTube updates
  • Added You can now use YouTube's built in quality selector on 3G and LTE. Simply tap the 3 vertical dots button in the top right corner of a video.
  • Misc From now on 3G Unrestrictor is only compatible with YouTube 2.2 and higher
3G Unrestrictor 5.5
  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube 2.0 update
3G Unrestrictor 5.4
  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube 1.4 update
  • Fixed YouTube custom mode inability to change quality for 3G
3G Unrestrictor 5.3
  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube update
  • New Ability to select YouTube quality on LTE in custom quality mode
3G Unrestrictor 5.2.1
  • Fixed A bug which caused some applications to crash (Skype, Viber,...)
3G Unrestrictor 5.2
  • New Improved 3rd party tricking: Supports more apps and games like Worms 2
  • New New IfAddr mode, which improves support of more apps and games like Modern Combat 2 (Especially Gameloft games)
  • Fixed FaceTime on 3G not working if WiFi is on, but not connected
  • Fixed App Store and iTunes store not working on 3G without rebooting after adding them
3G Unrestrictor 5.1
  • New iOS 6.x, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini support
  • New Support for Google's new YouTube app
  • Fixed FaceTime on 3G with AT&T on 6.x
  • Misc Many bugfixes, realibility and stability improvements
3G Unrestrictor 5.0.1
  • Fixed iCloud backups not working if Photo Stream is not enabled
  • Fixed iCloud backups enabled if Photo Stream is enabled
  • Misc Changed support email address
  • Misc ITV Player (UK) isDirect setting is enabled by default
3G Unrestrictor 5.0

A major update with a completely rewritten core and many new features.

  • New Photo Stream support
  • New iCloud Backup support
  • New Ability to choose YouTube quality for WiFI / 3G / EDGE
  • New SBSettings YouTube toggle to quickly select the desired quality mode
  • New Completely rewritten core - even more reliable


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