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30aa is the culmination of long hours of attempting to meticulously maintain a fine balance between pixelated detail and simple flat design. Keeping with Sir Jonny Ive’s love of flat design, 30aa is the second iteration of flat icon design by @tvdmd (the first flat design theme was 28aa).

It all started with color selection for the specific app for which an icon is made. 3 colorblind fairies Hollywood, California from a total of 100 were recruited through an extensive process involving a precise and robust selection process. After multiple rounds of rose-giving ceremonies where fairy after fairy were weeded out (even the slutty drunk one), these 3 colorblind fairies were tasked with creating a color palette for the theme at hand. Given they were colorblind, it was soon apparent that the selection process was extremely flawed and the fairies won through nefarious means. So, the 3 fairies were taken to the Pond of Reflection in Burbank, California and drowned in front of their fairy families for their treachery.

A new process was initiated where 12 of Africa’s finest honeybees from the purest pedigrees were hunted and brought back to the lab. They were trained with one task and allowed to pollinate the purest of flowers. At 6:05pm each day, these winged creatures were locked in the Honeycomb, and produced the finest of icons from their bee holes (that’s why we didn’t use donkeys). Day after day, they lined up in specific but different formations, and in unison, while humming the Power Rangers theme song (you know Go Go Power Rangers! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!) and produced the finest icons that you see here in this theme. Each icon was left untouched in each compartment of the honeycomb for @tvdmd to collect on a daily basis.

It is through the hard work of these heavenly bees that 30aa was realized. We hope you beeeee enjoying it.

(actually, @tvdmd, made these icons himself when he found time but that’s way too boreal).

PS – If you can’t pay for this theme because: 1) you’re going through hard times and can’t spare the money, 2) don’t have paypal or amazon payments in your country, 3) don’t have a credit card because you’re too young, then send me an email via the link below or find me on twitter at @tvdmd and let me know and we’ll figure something out. I promise. I’d rather not have you pirate it.


Recent changes

  • iOS 9 compatibility. Changed to IconBundles structure. If using Anemone, no need to install IconBundles. IconBundles needs to be installed if using Winterboard. Settings icons for ios 9. Control Center icons.
  • Added Chinese apps. Signal wifi. Added more requested icons.
  • More and more and more icons, alternative icons. Please use ifile and copy the directories to the right place.
  • EVEN MORE ICONS! Settings Icons, Music Icon, App Store Icon fixes.
  • Initial release.


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