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1nka iOS9 anemone(iPhone / iPad / iPodTouch - iOS7 / iOS8 / iOS9).

v1.0 of 1nka anemone contains all in one package. More than 770 awesome icons with unique style, UI, folders, 6 icons effects, 16 docks, 10 badge, 6 folders, 6 slideshow widgets (3 iphone - 3 ipad), multi-clock widgets & multi-weather widgets.

This version of theme work with anemone app ONLY.

More bonus coming soon to make your devices more beautiful.

TIPS: To change folders, enable 1nka folders package (rename your folder with names you want: classic, classic2, classic3, classic4, classic5,) respring to apply. Thank you for the support.

More great themes on www.frenchitouch.fr

Recent changes

  • +10 icons added & fix for all dock.
  • Fix for apps icons in share menu. UI share icons added. Fix for springboard battery. New tweetbot icon.
  • Fix for icons effects mask.
  • Initial release.


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