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The creator of 1derful HD, RocketSauce and co-creator of the E is for Ezra charity themes brings you the 1Derland GOLD Glyphish Theme.


For 9.2/9.3 users, it's recommended you use Anemone as your theme engine with this theme. Winterboard has yet to be updated for the latest jailbreak as of this comment (8/6/16).



This is an ICON THEME for iOS7 through iOS9. Devices supported include the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6-plus, iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s-plus.


This is a collection of almost 200 custom Glyph-style icons that are just waiting to bring some beauty to your springboard.
WITH THE PURCHASE OF THIS ICON PACK YOU GET THREE MORE 1DERLAND GLYPH ICON PACKS, INSTALLED SEPARATELY, ABSOLUTELY FREE! THAT'S 4 THEMES FOR THE PRICE OF 1! Simply search "1Derland" or select the "TCcentex's Other Themes" link below after purchasing this White Glyph pack to install the Gray, White and Dark versions for FREE.
WINTERBOARD: In order to apply the custom icon frame, icon shadows and themed folder icon, the free tweak "iconOmatic" will be installed with the theme - IF IT DOESN'T AUTOMATICALLY INSTALL, ENSURE YOU INSTALL IT MANUALLY. 


The folders are now themed too -- you must ensure the “No Folder Blur (winter board folder)” option is turned on in Iconomatic settings in order to apply the themed folder (turning the option off, respringing, then turning it on again followed by a respring may be required).

Recent changes

9.3 - August 19, 20169.0.1 - November 30, 20159.0 - October 17, 20158.4.1 - August 7, 20158.4 - July 29, 20158.1-3 - February 8, 20158.1-2 - December 4, 20148.1-1 - November 29, 20148.1 - November 21, 20141.1.1 - June 2, 20141.1 - April 29, 20141.0 - March 16, 2014

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