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From the creator of 1derful, RocketSauce, and co-creator of the Ezra charity themes, feast your eyes on 1Derland... this is what your stock icons look like in their dreams.

If you love stock icons like me but wish they were a little more colorful, less flat and all around meh, look no further. 1Derland (pronounced "wonderland") is an artistic twist to the everyday hum-drum stock icon.

Compatible with both Winterboard / iconomatic AND Anemone (Anemone is recommended for those on iOS7 and above), and compatible with the iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 6-plus, 6s-plus, 7 and 7-plus.

Contains THREE icon styles: a unique shaped "Base" icon with a custom frame and glass-like overlay, a "Frameless" version of the base icon shape, and a "Square" frameless style. BE SURE TO ALWAYS SELECT THE BASE THEME, THEN SELECT AND PLACE EITHER THE FRAMELESS OR SQUARE STYLE ABOVE THE BASE. The Base theme contains all the custom icon graphics and must always be selected.

Recent changes

Themed new iOS 11 icons and repackaged so square icon style is now base theme


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