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And here it is guys 0Ground for ios 9 and sorry for the delay. This package will install: Icons(more then 300), UI, badge, anemone effect shadow.

Eclipse colors: Nav Bar Color: #252525 Theme Color: #3d3d3d Tint Color: #597698 Text Color: #e9e9e9.

Also compatible with i5, i5s, 6 and 6s ios9 anemone and winterboard.

To find more what to use go on cydia/search and write 0Ground and you will see many packages but not all will work so read the description of each package in order to know what to install.i hope you will enjoy the new look of 0Ground.

Recent changes

  • -fix icons and add a few more -compatible with ios9.3.3
  • Fix bugs.
  • Initial release.


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