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Compatible with ALL iPads, on iOS 7 & 8.

0bscure 7 has been out for more than a year now,

it has 16k+ users (less than 5 refunds).

it supports 600+ icons and is still growing.

0bscure 7 Refresh is a redesign of native iOS icons,

to give your 0bscure 7 springboard a new look while keeping its great support of AppStore apps.

This is FREE for all 0bscure 7 users, but…

if you don’t have 0bscure 7 and you purchase this you get:

- 0bscure 7 Refresh

- 0bscure 7 (600+ icons) (link)

- 0bscure 7 [Inverted] (link)

- 0bscure 7 for iPad (link)

- 0bscure 7 [Settings Icons] (link)

You can email me (author, top of the page) or find me on twitter@TheDevStudent

a mention is enough for me to notice.

Try the best LockScreen theme for iPhone Grand LS (link) 

gr ls


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