How to jailbreak

By @pwn20wnd & @sbingner

UI by @DennisBednarz & /u/Samg_is_a_Ninja

Devices supported

Compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models running iOS 12.0 - 12.1.2

Except iPhone XS, XS Max & XR for now.

Important: Make sure to delete 12.1.3 OTA updates, install tvOS profile and reboot before using unc0ver!

Steps to follow

  1. Download "unc0ver" Jailbreak IPA signed & Go to Step 10

    Download unc0ver (signed IPA)

    OR Download "unc0ver" Jailbreak IPA and sign it yourself

    Download unc0ver (unsigned IPA)

  2. Download Cydia Impactor for: macOS or Windows

  3. Launch Cydia Impactor

    This tool, developed by Saurik, is used to sign the ipa file so that unc0ver jailbreak tool can be executed on iOS devices. Cydia impactors does not collect your Apple ID and password. All the information is only used for applying a personal free certificate from Apple.

  4. Connect your iOS device to your computer

    Trust the computer on your iOS device.

  5. Drag unc0ver IPA into Cydia Impactor app

  6. Insert your Apple ID with Password

    When your Apple ID is protected with two-step verification, or two-factor authentication, you'll need to use an app-specific password to sign in to your account using any apps visit Apple Support. (In case that you do not want to use your current Apple ID to apply the personal certificate for any reason, we suggest you apply a new Apple ID and use it).

  7. Cydia impactor will automatically install the unc0ver app on your iOS device

    If you get error notifications, you probably input incorrect Apple ID or password.

  8. Trust the app

    Settings > General > Device Management.

  9. Open unc0ver ensure the Tweaks toggle is enabled in settings (unless you know what you’re doing and don’t want it on) and tap Jailbreak

    Your device will reboot.

  10. The jailbreak is complete !

  11. Add in Cydia


03/13/2019 - v3.0.0~b46 was released for public testing with the following changes:



unc0ver is a free jailbreak tool for iOS 12.0 - 12.1.2. unc0ver itself should be safe, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your iOS installation by any tweaks or executables you load after the jailbreak.