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Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Also available, WAAutoReply

WAAutoReply Enterprise, make your WA become a customer service.

1.Auto Reply for WhatsApp Messages.
2.Supports Reply even if WhatsApp in Background.
3.Supports Reply from LockScreen.
4.Supports Reply even if WhatsApp killed by system.

How to use:
1 Tags method
1.1 set default tag reply text like:
001 for something.
002 for something.
003 for something.
1.2 add 001 tag and reply 001 tag's reply text.
1.3 add 002 tag and reply 002 tag's reply text.
1.4 add 003 tag and reply 003 tag's reply text.

2 Web Server method
2.1 add web server url like http://www.xx.com/reply.php
2.2 make sure your web server url will response json {"msg":""}
2.3 make sure your reply message is urlencoded.
2.4 here is a php example:


//Get param from autoreply

//reply message

$replymsg="msg:".$msg."nfromid:" .$fromid."nfromname:".$fromname;
//make sure your reply msg is urlencoded
$out="{"msg":"".$replymsg."" }";
echo $out;

Configure options from WhatsApp.

Recent changes

V1.3 Update

Add whitelist for private chat.The contact in whitelist will do not auto reply.

1.Add "Enable Private Reply"
If you don't want auto reply your private chat,set it off,default is on.


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