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Compatible with iOS 10

SwitcherControls enhances your app switcher by bringing multi-center to iOS 10.

Multi-center merges app switcher and control center in a unique way. With a single action, you can access various control center sections which are now part of the app switcher.

SwitcherControls has the ability to customize the order of the sections so that you can get that perfect setup.

It is compatible with many control center tweaks like FlipControlCenter, Polus, Noctis, 3DSwitcher 2, Kaze and most other app switcher tweaks.

Developers take a look at SCTextSection for example section creation.

Configure options from Settings

Recent changes

- Fixed crashes to safemode when pressing home button when centered card is greater than ~6 while using 3DSwitcher 2
- Fixed user interaction issues with 3DSwitcher 2 cards/icons

- Fixed bug where dismissing switcher would not animate the added top and bottom bars of this tweak
- Fixed bug where landscape/portrait bottom height would be same for both portrait and landscape (It picked one based on orientation)
- Added ability to move the cards positions (portrait and landscape both have separate)
- Speed up performance with 3DSwitcher 2 (for most, this will probably be unnoticeable)

- Added ability to change 3DSwitcher 2's icon y offset (using the scale sliders) to remove overlapping
- Fixed applications not being removed from switcher when scale is set to one of the smaller values (less than ~65) and swiping up without giving it much velocity


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