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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

SimpleCenters: Complete control over your Notification and Control Center!

This tweak lets you toggle on and off almost every aspect of your NC and CC, and it provides extra functionality to both that greatly enhances them. SimpleCenters allows you to clean up your NC and CC, and make them much more bearable than the stock NC and CC. SimpleCenters is an all-encompassing tweak for the Notification and Control Center that give you the ability to make it exactly what you desire. Here's a list of all its functionality:

Notification Center Settings:
- Hide the tabs at the top of the NC
- Hide the Today date
- Hide Today headers completely, or just the background, icon, or text
- Hide notification headers completely, or just the background, icon, or text
- Open the Today page if you have no notifications, otherwise open the Notifications page
- Single tap the "X" to clear notifications faster
- Make the notification swipe buttons transparent
- Mark the icon badge as 0 when you remove a notification
- Don't show the NC on the first swipe
- Change notification "X" to clear, or hide it
- Remove all NC blur or make NC completely clear
- Hide the bottom separator, "Edit" button separator, notification separators, and various NC lines
- Hide NC chevron, make it stay the same shape all the time, drop-down NC grabber, and lockscreen NC grabber
- Increase notification line size by 2
- Hide notification previews or banners
- Have a transparent status bar, or completely remove it
- Hide the weather info in the Today page
- Always open the Today or Notification section
- Completely disable NC

Control Center Settings:
- Hide the CC toggles, brightness slider, media section, AirDrop/AirPlay section, and Quick Launch section
- Hide the media section when no music is playing
- Hide the AirDrop/AirPlay section if they are turned off
- Always show the AirPlay section
- Remove all CC blur or make CC completely clear
- Hide the toggle/section backgrounds
- Hide the CC separators
- Hide the CC chevron, make it stay the same shape all the time, slide-up CC grabber, and lockscreen CC grabber
- Hide the CC when toggling brightness, and remove the tint from the screen when toggling brightness
- Use old iOS 7 CC bounce
- Fix the CC not showing on the lockscreen sometimes
- Lock all the toggles from being changed
- Activate the tweak in landscape mode
- Don't show the CC on the first swipe
- Completely disable CC

SimpleCenters truly lets you take charge of your Notification and Control Center, and redesigns them both to make them cleaner and functional!

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Updated with iOS 9 support!


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