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Compatible with iOS 4, 5 and 6

PasswordPilot Pro is the ultimate solution to improve your user experience when you need to enter your AppleID password: everyone wants to keep their account secure, so we need a secure password when dealing with our account. At the same time though, it's sometime a pain to type that long password, especially when we just want to try out a free app or we're updating our existing apps.

It's here that PasswordPilot Pro will dramatically help you: enter your account credentials, just once. The password is stored securely (using NSA-approved encryption standards) and PasswordPilot Pro will automatically detect which account you are using and insert the appropriate password, when you need it. You can also choose to enable it only for app updates, to prevent anyone from downloading new apps without your consent.

Settings can be protected using a master password, so you will be the only one being able to modify them.

PasswordPilot Pro supports multiple account and you don't need to switch between them, as it will automatically detect which one you're using.

It works basically anywhere your Apple ID account password is required: AppStore, iTunes Store, iBooks, Find My Friends and also in-App Purchases.

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