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Night Maps

System wide dark mode for any map

Do you feel that maps are too bright in your dark mode setup? Wish they were darker? 

Presenting Night Maps: 
It brings dark mode to any map in third party apps (for example: Lyft, Uber, TripAdvisor, Grab, CityMapper, Transit, Here We Go, Sygic, etc..). Night Maps has been tested with over 50 travel apps which make use of mapviews. It is compatible with the following map providers:

-Apple Map
-Google Map
-Bing Map
-Nokia Map

Since all maps are not made alike, the dark style will be different for each map provider as you can see in the screenshots below. Basically the tweak forces the dark style of the map. Simply enable it in the app you want and it will make the map darker. The map dark mode style only works with default map views, not with satellite or terrain view. If you find a map that is not being darkened, please do let me know via twitter or by email: 

NOTE: This is not a coloriser tweak, hence do not expect to be able to change the map color as you want. It only forces the map dark style and no external colors are applied. Furthermore this is not full app dark mode, it is not an Eclipse replacement but its meant to work with other dark mode tweaks.

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