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Masq - Custom artwork themeing & now-playing view enhancements!

Compatible with iOS 10.


-Custom artwork themes on Lockscreen & Control Center!

- 8 included themes made by me & support for as many as you can find!

-Compatibility with the majority of existing tweaks (Don't Stop The Party, Colorflow 3, Horseshoe, etc.)! Specific questions/concerns about your favourite? Email me! Not compatible with Acapella 3 in Control Center, but works on Lockscreen.

-Six different now-playing blur-styles for Lockscreen & Control Center!

-Re-arrange your Lockscreen media view!

-Share your musical tastes from anywhere you can change the beat with a custom sharing button, integrated with all your favourite apps! (Passcode required to activate on LS!)

-Control Center enhancements like those from BiggieSmallcc, rewritten from scratch for optimal performance / integration!

-Optimized to be as lightweight as possible , quick theme switching, real-time settings switches!

-With a multitude of more features to come

Instantly make all your friends jealous with this essential tweak for all music-lovers!

I can always be reached for support using the email button found inside the settings page, please do not hesitate to voice your concerns directly to me & I will do my best to provide a satisfying answer! Thank you.

Condifure options from Settings.

Recent changes

Masq 1.0 -> 1.1

Changes Made:

-Five new themes included from Masq's big brother CustomCover! Be sure to tell @friggog how much you appreciate his designs / willingness to work with me :) Find Vinyl, Ripped, CD Case, Insert, and Clean inside this update!

-Theme picker now displays a bit of credit ! Thanks so much to all the amazing designers who are helping me expand Masq's theme library, you all deserved a little spot to plug yourself / your inspiration! Adding a Credit.txt file to any theme allows you to display a message to Masq users in the theme-picker.

- Updated preferences to be simpler at a glance (You may need to reselect some settings after updating)

-Included Onion compatibility (make sure to grab 0.0.4)

-Improved CC page presentation, now extremely smart! Optional AMP allows you to always be presented the music page when listening

-Toggle now playing blur styles on/off in LS & CC

-Slideshow on how to make a theme!

-A ton of optimizations & fixes all across the board!

Thank you everyone for an excellent launch, see you soon with more exciting features / improvements!

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