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Compatible with any iPhone, iPod or iPad on iOS 7.

Lockdown Pro iOS 7 lets you password protect your applications and so much more!
This is the best, most in depth security tweak available. Here is a list of the main features and settings:

  • Password protect any folder or application
  • 256 bit encryption for extra security
  • Hide any application(s) you have
  • Securely launch your hidden applications
  • Activator support with remote features (such as launching hidden apps and turning off/on Lockdown Pro)
  • Lock/Unlock applications directly from your Home Page
  • Create custom password for different apps
  • Choose between alphabetic and numeric passwords
  • Delay Lock feature for security at your convenience
  • Lock applications in place so no one can move them
  • Lock applications from being able to be deleted
  • Securely lock your photos
  • Block notifications from currently locked applications
  • Reset all settings to defaults button
  • Retina graphics
  • Integrated into your native Settings
  • Many other settings/features

Recent changes

* New option in settings to show the default.png in app switcher instead of blank view.
* Fixed folder images in the settings sometimes appearing with a black background.
* Fixed crash when using the app switcher.
* Fixed bug where you could not hide the Newsstand when your device is set to a language other than English.

* Fixed locking the camera and/or photos from anywhere.
* Locked apps in the switcher will show default image, instead of preview being blank.
* Fixed bug where your status bar might disappear.
* Many other smaller fixes

—--- New Features Coming Soon in v.1.1 —---
(ControlCenter toggle, set a home wifi network to auto enable/disable lockdown, localized settings, etc.)


* iOS 7.1 compatible
* Misc bug fixes


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