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IntelligentPass 2

Disable passcode when not necessary

Everyone can relate to when you are home and Touch or Face ID refuses to work, or when you host a party and everyone asks for your passcode to queue their favorite songs. These situations can drive you crazy, or at least annoy you a bit.

IntelligentPass 2 allows you to disable your passcode when it is not necessary. It comes with a beautiful design and makes your device even more useful. IntelligentPass 2 is completely built up from scratch in order to support both iPhones and iPads on iOS 12. The tweak can disable your passcode in these situations:

  • Airplane Mode - when the device is in airplane mode

  • Bluetooth - when connected to a trusted bluetooth device (Beta)

  • Charging - while the device is charging

  • Headphones - while headphones are plugged in to your device

  • Now Playing - while selected applications are playing music

  • Time - during certain time intervals, eg. from 6AM to 10AM

  • WiFi - when on your home network or other secure networks

The best with IntelligentPass 2 is that it allows you to select which options above to enable. That way it makes your device even more unique!

See the screenshots for a visual overview of the tweak.

Configurable inside the settings app.

Recent changes

Added an option to disable the passcode while using headphones


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