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A better iOS 10 Control Center!

When iOS 10 came around the music section of Control Center got split into a second page, this was counter intuitive in my opinion as it now required more touches just to skip to the next song. To fix this "issue" I developed Horseshoe, Horseshoe combines the Music and Main Control Center Page into one while still retaining all the features of both.

It is compatible with tweaks like FlipControlCenter and Noctis along with tweaks like Platters, Cream2, and Creamless. It keeps both the volume and brightness slider by providing a button to toggle between the two, the glyph on the left the slider with the circle behind it is the button to toggle between the two sliders, the glyph represents what slider you will switch to when you press it while the glyph on the right represents the current slider that is toggled.

To access the rest of the Music Controls such as the previous song button and Airplay Audio Devices you 3D Touch on the album art work.

Horseshoe also supports RTL languages in order to provide everyone from anywhere with a amazing experience while using the tweak.

It is compatible with iPad and iPhone.

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