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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Delete Contact allows to delete contacts from your iDevice's address book. This little tweak adds a trash icon to Contact and Mobile Phone application's contacts screen. From there you can delete a single contact or multiple contacts.

This beautiful little tweak works with all your iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod too.

Note: If you're using Copic (version 3.0 or below) we recommend you to update your Copic version to 3.0-1, which has a image drawing compatibility fix with this little tweak.

Note: This installs no icon on springboard, so please refer to the Delete Contact section in Apple's standard Settings.

Recent changes

1. Added support for iOs 9.1 and above.
2. Delete Contact's settings in settings app redesigned with new appearance.
3. Fixed some of the users not able to register due to network issues.
4. Requires iOS 8.0 and above.

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