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  • An incredibly simple tweak that allows the user to replace the default folder icon/mini-grid with a custom icon.

  • DISCLAIMER: This tweak was never developed with the intent of being releaed. It was built for personal use, and as such, is as minimal as I need it to be. It is unlikely that additional features will be added anytime soon.

    I only opted to release it due to the sheer number of users on /r/jailbreak requesting an arm64 compatible version of FolderIcons.

  • USAGE: Simply place the desired replacement icon into /private/var/mobile/Library/CustomFolderIcons/ and name it to match the respective folder name. This tweak is retina aware, so please be sure to name the file accordingly (eg. Applications@2x.png, Applications.png). Then respring to take effect.

Recent changes


  • Fixes to try and minimize wonky mini-grid icon behavior when Reduced Motion is NOT enabled.
  • Addressed instance where folder badge could reappear if disabled.


  • Removed file added accidentally.
  • FolderIcons is now listed as a conflict.


  • Added toggle for Folder Badges.
  • Added toggle for Folder Mini-Grid.


  • Added support for IconOmatic overlays (automatic).


  • Addressed sporatic boot loop experienced by some users.


  • Added toggle for both app and folder icon labels.
  • Made adjustment to image sizing.


  • Added toggle to enable/disable icon masking, fixes transparency issues for those using icons that do not conform to the current theme mask.


  • First public beta.


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